How The 2023-24 Budget Can Benefit the Environment and 业务es 

With a focus towards making Australia reach net zero emissions by the target date of 2050, the government revealed several changes within the 2023-2024 Federal Budget that can both affect and benefit small businesses. 113美元的.100万被转移到气候变化上, 能源, the Environment and Water portfolio to fund portfolio policy prioritisation over the next eight years includes various environmental incentives for SMEs.  

New investment and incentive initiatives have been created to help reduce carbon emissions across the country, 为替代能源筹集更多资金, while helping all residents understand and enact efficient energy use. 

We’re highlighting three points that could help your small business. Read on to find out about some of the budget incentives available that can benefit both your 工作 environment and the global environment. 


The aim of the Small 业务 能源激励  are to further the electrification of the country. 业务es will be provided with help in the way of monetary incentives, 和支持, so that they can reduce their own energy consumption and have better energy efficiency through all operations. 

There are many energy-efficient systems that small and medium businesses can invest in to receive tax deductions. If your business has an annual turnover of under $50 million you may be eligible for a bonus tax deduction of 20%. 这适用于电加热系统, 电池, 下一代制冷, 或者热能储存等等. With a limit of $100,000 this means that you can receive up to $20,000 worth of tax deductions.

There is also an ‘instant asset write-off’ of $20k available to immediately deduct against eligible assets for businesses with a turnover of under $10 million.  


Transport in Australia is our third-largest source of emissions and with a growing preference for large vehicles in the country the gains reached through the introduction of electric vehicles is being depleted.  通过引入各种措施, the government aims to see a significant reduction in emissions over the next five years.

If your business is linked to the Electrical Vehicle (EV) market, or if you are considering purchasing an EV for yourself or the company fleet, 你可能会从中受益. Funding will  be available to support research on retrofitting existing buildings with electric vehicle charging infrastructure, 以及大幅面电池回收, 澳门赌场官网的再利用和管理倡议. 

Since July 2022 employers no longer pay 炉膛温度 on eligible electric cars and associated car expenses. 然而, the 2023 budget did confirm that plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEVs) will be removed from the fringe benefit tax exemption for electric cars for any PHEVs delivered after 1 April 2025.


The Hydrogen Headstart program is being designed to help create a renewable hydrogen industry domestically within Australia. $2 billion has been set aside to underwrite the largest green hydrogen projects to be built in the country, 并帮助加速该行业的发展. It will provide funds to cover the commercial gap between the cost of hydrogen production renewables and the current market price, provide revenue support for investments in renewable hydrogen production through competitive contracts, and ensure that large scale projects that are currently in development will be able to succeed to completion. 

如果你的企业属于这个行业, for example providing industry support or supplying materials, 你也许可以利用这一点. 

If you think that your business may be able to benefit from this initiative, 或者想了解更多您可以访问 Department of Climate Change, 能源 Environment and Water (DCCEEW) website.

If you want to find out more about how the new environmental focus points within the budget may affect or benefit your business, 你可联络我们的 Accru 今天专家. 

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