Advised vs Unadvised Decision Making – What Costs More?


When it comes to making financial decisions, there is a common misconception that seeking advice can be costly. I would posit that if the advice is costly then it isn’t good advice. Good advice should provide identifiable value in the form of financial or non-financial means.  In a world filled with complex and significant financial choices, having the relevant information is essential.

在Martin Rush的文章之后, 财务决策的基础, I expand on this by providing a scenario which demonstrates the immense value of informed financial decision-making.


Imagine an individual who decides to make a significant investment property purchase without seeking any advice or research. Time poor, they rely solely on their own opinion and expertise. 他们定位财产, arrange a loan through their existing financing relationship, 购买它, and later realise that the ownership type through which they bought the property results in them paying the highest marginal tax rate. 当他们决定出售房产时, they take it upon themselves to list it and negotiate the sale price.

虽然这种情况相当极端, it illustrates the importance of seeking advice in various stages of financial decision-making that would alleviate any financial and emotion stress.

The following are examples of advice this individual could have received:

1. 物业研究-买方代理: These experts have the knowledge to effectively compare properties in the area, assess property conditions through inspections, 并随时了解关键趋势. These insights could lead to a smarter purchase decision both in terms of the cost to purchase and avoiding or identifying potential downsides that the individual could use to negotiate a better price or avoid the property entirely.

2. 申请贷款-按揭专业人士: A mortgage professional would have allowed the individual to explore a wider range of mortgage rates across different financiers and discover potential incentives they might have missed. Different lenders might also provide more financing giving the individual more purchasing optionality and success against other buyers.

3. 实体结构-税务专业人员: 而不寻求有关结构的税务建议, this individual has missed opportunities to optimise their tax situation. Different ownership structures come with varying tax benefits, and professional guidance could have led to significant tax savings over time both on income earned and capital gains payable.

4. Forecasting and Costing – Financial Adviser: A financial adviser could have helped this individual make a more informed decision by considering both the financial and emotional aspects of property ownership. They could have provided a projection of costs, 比如土地税, 委员会利率, 和维护, helping the individual prepare for the financial and emotional responsibilities of property ownership.


One key takeaway from this scenario is that professionals in their respective fields can offer substantial value that far exceeds the cost of their services. 在很多情况下, 他们的建议的好处是持续的, even though the cost is a one-time transaction. Seeking professional advice can help mitigate costly mistakes and unlock value through cost savings, 或者放大上行潜力.

It’s essential to consider your own knowledge and seek professional advice in areas that require further research as this can often lead to a much better outcome. Though you do not have to follow the advice given, by simply having the information your decision is more informed and you are better able to assess the potential benefits and consequences of the decision being made.

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